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Hello everybody, and acceptable to dig in fishing. I’m your host, Michael Grady. I’m aflame today because today we accept drew apathetic here, the Bassmaster aristocratic series. Drew had one, two above wins and the aboriginal in a FLW tour, Basin Okeechobee, and the additional ablution adept Toyota, Texas fast. Drew will aswell be fishing in a additional Bassmaster archetypal in Knoxville, Tennessee, and a brace of weeks. Acceptable drew. Hey, acknowledgment for accepting me. So drew, what are you up to today?

Well, as you know, I’m up actuality in the batter breadth Draft Michael, just this acrimony a few months aback and today I’m alive about the abode aggravating to get aggregate aback in order. I’m in amid events, so I’m affectionate of cutting two hats. The one pop appropriate now I, I’m in Daytona Beach, Florida and I can in actuality acquaint anybody alert if you haven’t apparent pictures of what a that draft did to the panhandle, like bomb went off up there. It in actuality looked like a war breadth and still does and a lot of, a lot of locations of my canton is just a, I’ve lived through a agglomeration of hurricanes in Florida. We’ve never larboard and it’s just, it still amazes me the bulk of force that came forth with Draft Michael.

Well, I’ll acquaint you afterwards accepting in accomplished it for 25 years, I can in actuality acquaint you one affair is true. I’d rather the wind every already in a while draft alongside and throws a draft at us as against to a hundred inches of snow.

25 beneath zero. Yeah, that’s right. I don’t do that abundant cold. I lived down actuality in the south for a acumen and I don’t apperception traveling up up arctic and fishing those baby aperture fisheries in the summertime if we’re artifice that a hundred beneath degrees and a hundred percent clamminess down here. But you know, this time of year and, and on an aboriginal spring, the south of the abode for me.

Yeah Buddy. I, let’s allocution fishing, man. How did you acquaint our listeners, how did you get started

fishing? Well, I beggarly my adulation for facial started fishing for Brandon and dogie on algebraic budge. My granddad as a lot of kids, you know, and I in actuality didn’t alpha aback until I got to top academy age and alpha fishing about a little ponds and lakes about the abode to my friends. And that’s in actuality how I got my start. Just Wade fishing, floating, amphibian down according accomplished and a little aliment about the abode and float tubes and, and just fishing for Bass. That boy,

so you did that as a kid. So what fabricated you get into aggressive fishing?

So apperceive I played baseball all through top academy and academy and I was to pay the getting and you know, we had little tournaments actuality about the house, Tuesday night tournaments, Saturday contest and, and you know, whenever I was 16 I got me a little bass tracker and you know, we started accepting in those little bounded clash accomplishing in actuality well. And afresh I just started aggressive the ladder. I angled out to bounded events. I’m like academy old, you chase and abutting a bass club and you know, it in actuality just took off from there. That aggressive aspect of a, that fishing, what’s the best of both worlds? For me, it gave me that competitiveness that I advance and you know, the adulation for the outdoors. We accessory the aggregate of both and it was just, it was just the absolute set up for me.

Well let me ask you, now that you’re fishing at the accomplished level, what’s the bigger claiming or botheration you begin in aggressive with some of the best there are?

You know, acutely the bigger claiming that I can anticipate of would be that no amount what, you can do aggregate or I in this job, you can accomplish the appropriate calf, accomplish the appropriate decisions, but you’re still traveling afterwards a while and then, and that x agency forth with acclimate and aggregate abroad that can, can be befuddled at you. It’s, it’s got, that’s what makes it the a lot of challenging. You can do aggregate appropriate on your allotment and you still not get paid at the end of the day. And that’s just, that’s just allotment of the bold that we play.

Luck is allotment of it. Huh?

I’ll say attending as abundant as just those uncontrollable factors. Gotcha. You know, like you’d convenance for an event, you’ve got some angle begin and it rains three inches the night afore and it just assault out your breadth or you know, just, just x factors that mother attributes and the aspect of, you know, you’re block afterwards awhile. Biblical tales cull him off. I mean, that’s just allotment of it.

Gotcha. Well, do you accept an ads? What accept you learned? You know, because obviously, you know, you did able-bodied in FLW and now you’re in the aristocratic or what accept you abstruse that’s in actuality helped you succeed?

Mostly just accumulate an accessible mind, you know, he developed a bold plan of advance in convenance and affectionate of get an abstraction what you wish to do. But you know, you’ve consistently got to accumulate an accessible apperception while you’re out there fishing in the tournament. I’m a lot of things advance during the event. My respect, a acceptable point would be a Texas stuff. I didn’t amount out the window until the afternoon or the aboriginal day of the accident and I had no abstraction that I was traveling to win that tournament. Had no abstraction I was on the one that pattern. It was just befitting an accessible apperception and you know, fishing what was in foreground of me and you know, demography things wants to for the time.

You mentioned that you put calm a plan for the clash of the lake. Can you allocution to us a little bit about what your processes and traveling through and putting calm a plan for a accurate physique of water?

Yeah. Typically I yield into account, you know, what date the Fisher in, whether it’s appealing atom on column far. Try to acquisition that out before, you know, afore I even put the baiter in the water, that that gives me an abstraction of the top areas I charge to attending at it. It kills me. Or the angle is traveling to be shallow. Are they traveling to be in those date and top areas of steeper banks? Are they traveling to be on those places that they appear and accident afterwards they spawn or are they traveling to be out abysmal in their summertime pump? They, I beggarly it just gives you a bigger abstraction of locations for Luke and that that’s affectionate of the, the a lot of planning I do. And afresh I hop into just aggravating to locate, just try and get a chaw or two. Let the angle acquaint you what you know, what’s traveling on

when it comes to putting calm your plan or implementing it. Do you use any accoutrement or any advice sources?

Oh yeah. My units are, you know, they just yield all the assumption out of all that I can. I can abstraction the mapping on Mahler and she and this and see breadth the approach switching banks are, breadth you know, ditches and, and biking credibility are, I can, you know, use the anatomy stands the fine, you know, bedrock Colin’s anatomy out, you know, off credibility and alley beds and things like that. And in actuality I’m in the summertime that you can in actuality break the schools of fish. That is a big apparatus as able-bodied as you know, digital imagery, Google maps, bing maps, application those to see, you know, a digital annual of the like and can see breadth grass grows or worse sandbars are. We’re a little depressions are on flat, things like that. That’s all very, actual accessible and advantageous apparatus that you can use afore you even get to the leg breadth you accommodated to the aggregate of baptize and you can do a lot of homework, you know, application those accoutrement and, and, and yield a lot of the assumption out afore you in actuality get on the water.

Yeah. And I asked this a lot of a lot of the aristocratic guys, do you in actuality address down your plan in a, in a book or do you just affectionate of befitting your head?

No, I don’t. I don’t address it down. I accumulate it in my head. You know, I’m actual absent person. If you, if you apperceive me, a amount of actuality with the interview, if you, if you wouldn’t let me, it was a while ago and he reminded me out or forgot about it. But if it comes to fishing, it comes to accepting bikes and things like that. For whatever acumen I can bethink that getting and he just stays in my head. I don’t in actuality accept any drive annihilation down

cause this, it’s what you adulation to do. That’s right. So let me ask you, wait, you know, you put calm your plan and you affectionate of go out there and you get some acquaintance in your practice. What’s the, what affectionate of after-effects accept you gotten from, you know, some of your different, you know, things that you do over and over and over again?

I feel like as continued as I go in and just try and get an abstraction and don’t in actuality get too afraid up on one thing, one pattern, I just affectionate of get an abstraction of starting point for the event. Not necessarily, you know, I’m traveling to do this, this doesn’t work, I’m traveling to do this. And if that does Oregon, me see I feel like if I just amount out, you know, an abstraction about to alpha and afresh affectionate of annual the clash developed to me, you know, advance itself to me and I just affectionate of accumulate an accessible apperception and to affectionate of cycle with the punches. I acquisition myself far added acknowledged man. If I get afraid up on one affair and, and just, you know, try to accomplish the fish, you know, I anticipate you’re way added acknowledged if you let the angle cogent you what to do. You just kinda put yourself on those top percent

when you’re affectionate of working, alive along, you know. Do you affectionate of accumulate the time in your arch about how continued it’s been in amid angle or that affectionate of thing? Or do you accept a set time? I’m so, in added words, you said if your activity is affectionate of aqueous but you get them be like, wow, nothing’s happened in 20 minutes, I got to do something else. Or are you just, we’ll just go with what’s happening.

Well yeah, in a way. I beggarly every physique of baptize eat different, you know, some, some like, you know, he ability be base for for seven bucks a day. Whereas I feel like Chino that accept a big angle population, you’re hitting bit, you know, abiding and you, you’ve got to affectionate of yield that into annual and agency that in. So yeah, there’s gotta be a top, you know, affectionate of a brainy time alarm in your head. I’m traveling off of here. If you’re spending too abundant time accomplishing one affair and not get bit, you acutely get to move on, but you got to yield into the annual of physique of baptize you’re on. I beggarly up north, if you’re not accepting bit, you know, you bigger be accomplishing something abroad could could could could could cause the efficient, actual able up there. They got big populations of angle and I don’t get angle for Austin.

But if you’re down actuality in the style, say for instance on you know, physique of baptize life, but the archetypal venue, you know, it’ll be march, it’d be three spawn. You know, you ability not necessarily get the amount of bikes you would at a abode like Saint Lawrence River or a saint amateur nowhere. But you, you know, you, you got to stick to, you know, the areas that you accept aplomb in and in the techniques do you accept aplomb in and acquiesce those bikes to town. But there in fact has to be no time alarm factored into that if you’re not accepting bid at all.

So what you’re adage is the Saint Lawrence is altered than tohow are Okeechobee, Huh?

Yeah, in actuality it is. Can you know, fishing Saint Lawrence, it’s just so abounding of fish. I beggarly you’re traveling to get it appealing abundant everywhere you go on that place. And the big cheese for a abode like that. So is the superior and you know, a three and three division pounder and a four pounder are very, actual different. You’ve got aloft those were begin by, that’s the accomplished key there. And, and if you say time wise, if you’re accepting a lot of three and actual quarter, three and a bisected down by could could could could could cause you’re accepting bit, you’ve got to go do something different. I beggarly you’re not, you’re, you’re discounting yourself badly by not traveling afterwards that, that bigger superior by elsewhere. So you gotta you gotta move about and amount out how to get those four batter by just could could could could could cause you’re accepting bit does not beggarly you’re on the appropriate track. Those places, again, it’s all according on to the aggregate baptize you’re fishing.

Gotcha. So what would you say is the bigger affair you’ve abstruse or the a lot of acknowledged affair you’ve abstruse this fabricated you bigger aback you started fishing? You know, F FLW and of advance your leasers. Okay.

The, the bigger affair is it’s accepting able to be versatile. You accept guys that you would alarm your, your abysmal water. You got to you guys or just bank baptize guys apperceive we could be, you know, bottomward on them up arctic and they’re traveling to go try to acquisition some acreage shallow. And from what I’ve found, he’s got to be versatile. You can’t, you can’t be that guy that you’re just accepted for accepting bank baptize are accepted for accepting a abundant abysmal baptize angler. You’ve got to get out of your abundance breadth and you’ve got to amount out means to bolt them in those times that they’re traveling to be alleged off, you know, out I’ll appearance or you know, carnality versa. It’s just the attributes of the game. The a lot of acknowledged guys in the activity are able and that’s the bigger affair I’ve learned.

Gotcha. So if you’re traveling and authoritative up your plan, you’re aswell demography a attending at abyss of baptize in altered areas, Huh?

Yeah, yeah. I mean, for instance, this, if I’m cerebration that, that, you know, everything’s spawned a priest on, I’m traveling to be searching in those areas that are, you know, 5 bottom or less. Hmm. Possibly little depression, stitches, you know, arch into spa and pockets and things like that. And afresh if you know, I’m apperceive the everything’s column bond, added luck in June, the summer pattern, I apparently will not be searching at shallow, you know, unless it’s a grass leg, we’re clearly a bank year round, you know, a lot of of those facial move out to a three river approach age or a abysmal draw off or something like that. So you apperceive that that affectionate of gives me an abstraction of a starting point at least.

Gotcha. Able-bodied lastly, if we appear to the end of our interview, I wish to ask you and I ask everybody these two questions. Amount one, what is your a lot of acknowledged phishing secret?

Oh, able-bodied I’ll, I’ll acknowledgment that because I’ve had a lot of questions and Saint John’s river, I have, I’ve had a, you wouldn’t accept the amount of emails letters on amusing media now. I had a, a pump up aerosol on the aback of my baiter with a little dejected band-aid mix getting in it. And everybody wants to apperceive what is in that pump up sprayer. Well, I’m afterimage fishing in the spring. You acutely accept a lot of pollen on the baptize that time of year as able-bodied as any affectionate of wind that blows. It’s harder to see. You ability be able to see the bed, but she can’t get a acceptable attending at the angle and see what he knows. Fast fishes the able-bodied I can do, but a little bit of a dejected aurora bowl abrasion liquid, which is, you know, environmental. We say I’m not, you know, mix it up a little like water, but it doesn’t pump up aerosol and I can aerosol it like there’s little ripple in the water. I can aerosol it, you know, a 10 by 10 breadth and it’ll bang that lower off breadth I can see, see in actuality acceptable and see what that fishes see how he’s acting or if there’s pollen in the baptize and aerosol it and afresh I can banish that pollen and stuff. That’s apparently one of the bigger abstracts I’ve got. And it’s Kinda, it’s, it’s known. It’s not a big abstruse or anything, but a lot of humans accept asked me, you apperceive what that is? And that’s, that’s what it is.

I had to acquaint you that’s the aboriginal time I’ve heard of it and that is, that is alarming could could could could could cause you’re affectionate of application it as a surfactant so you can in actuality cut down on the declared. Right? Yup. That’s amazing. All right. So catechism amount two. What’s your a lot of acknowledged or your admired allurement or bait?

Oh, that’s a boxy one. I accept to say though, you know, traveling all over the country, a bay that catches them everywhere. It’s apparently a little crying. They and Bagley makes a absurd one. It’s alleged a brilliant day. It’s a little six to eight bottom diver. Of advance you can put added backyard on a fishery shall or, but she put 15 batter test. It’s affectionate of down about 60 it’s a bound wobble, baby crankbait. It gets a ton of bites and it catches big ones. It’s a, it’s a Balsa Lewer that comes through any awning you can imagine. And it’s got a bound Subaru listed activity with abundant pillars, the bout to any affectionate of Ford’s you want. And it’ll bolt them from Florida to New York. So that’s a, that’s a allurement that I bandy a ton. I’m traveling to accept a lot of competence.

Nice. You’ve accustomed our admirers a ton of abundant information. I in actuality acknowledge that. This is able fishing. So do you accept annihilation that you wish to promote?

Well, you know, we couldn’t do this after any of our sponsors and that, you know, when, if you asked me one of the harder things, the hardest things that I’ve abstruse about, you know, this sport, it’s harder to, to acknowledgment that after advertence the, you know, the sponsor aspect though, you know, it’s two jobs and fishing and announcement and you know, every year we got added fishermen and it’s harder and harder to get sponsored dollars could could could could could cause I get breach up. You know, I knew about Bagley accepting boat, millennium, Marine Lorraine’s Power Pole, doomsday nickels, Lewers, Phoenix, Rod, CJR buyer hoods. All those companies are, you know, affectionate of a aggregation that has put calm and they plan in actuality able-bodied together. And you know, I’m just, I’m animated to be a allotment of their ancestors and you know, I couldn’t do that. I’m so, they’re articles that will, that will put added able everybody’s boat, and I’d just be abiding to analysis them out.

Awesome, man. Acknowledgment for the abundant advice and acknowledgment for accepting on our show.

All right. Thank you for accepting me. I acknowledge it.

All right. Acceptable luck in the aristocratic alternation this year. Thank you.

Thanks afresh for listening.


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Typically, humans allotment accepted interests with accompany of friends. So, you can ask your accompany about their friends. Reach out to them to see if it works out. And in a lot of cases, it does plan for a lot of people.

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